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Welcome to the CWH Blog, a direct insight into Colton's journey as he progresses his horsemanship. Colton's goal is to document his experiences as he works towards developing a better feel, timing, balance and understanding with the horse. By sharing first-hand experiences as well as those learned from others along the way, together we all have the opportunity to continually grow and strengthen the relationship we have with our horses and the people in our lives. 


Forage First: Winter Warmth, Health & Management

Forage, blanketing and turnout. Three extremely hot topics when it comes to the management of our horses throughout the winter months. Each deserve their own articles and discussion, however, today this post will be focusing on the importance of forage. There are two things that are not debatable when it comes to maintaining healthy horses in the winter months: forage and water. Without one or the other, a horse is destined to end up shivering the weight right off their frame and/or subjected to the potential of extreme dehydration and colic. Now of course a horse without forage can result in an emaciated horse in any weather just as a horse without water may perish due to dehydration. Howev

Training Horses Below Zero

Over the last two weeks here in central Kentucky, temperatures have remained in the single digits. Well, the 'actual' temperature that is. The 'feels like' temperature which takes into account the wind chill has barely cracked 0. While normally I keep things very black and white and take them for what they are; this weather has really got me strategizing the best way we can continue working with our horses in these frigid temperatures The 'feels like' temperature is VERY important to take into consideration. Normally, I'd be the one saying, we'll it 'feels like' -15 but its really 7, so, its 7. However, when it comes to working with our personal and client horses, its the exact opposite. Wha

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