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  • Colton Woods

Forage First: Winter Warmth, Health & Management

Forage, blanketing and turnout. Three extremely hot topics when it comes to the management of our horses throughout the winter months. Each deserve their own articles and discussion, however, today this post will be focusing on the importance of forage.

There are two things that are not debatable when it comes to maintaining healthy horses in the winter months: forage and water. Without one or the other, a horse is destined to end up shivering the weight right off their frame and/or subjected to the potential of extreme dehydration and colic. Now of course a horse without forage can result in an emaciated horse in any weather just as a horse without water may perish due to dehydration. However, what is important about recognizing the blunt, black and white realities of these facts is that the stakes are raised in the winter months, drastically.

Forage is defined as: 'bulk food such as grass or hay for horses and cattle; fodder'. You may feed Timothy, Grass, Orchard, Alfalfa, a mix of those or even something different such as Coast hay. Often our geographic locations dictate what sort of dry forage is available to us to provide for our horses. However, is your hay doing what it needs to in the winter months?

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