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  • Colton Woods

Training Horses Below Zero

Over the last two weeks here in central Kentucky, temperatures have remained in the single digits. Well, the 'actual' temperature that is. The 'feels like' temperature which takes into account the wind chill has barely cracked 0.

While normally I keep things very black and white and take them for what they are; this weather has really got me strategizing the best way we can continue working with our horses in these frigid temperatures

The 'feels like' temperature is VERY important to take into consideration. Normally, I'd be the one saying, we'll it 'feels like' -15 but its really 7, so, its 7. However, when it comes to working with our personal and client horses, its the exact opposite. What our phones or the weather channel says the actual temperature is does not really matter, because the 'feels like' is what does.

Why? Well because that is what our horses feel. They aren't feeling the 7, they are feeling the -15, just like us. And at those temps, how do you make sure when working with our horses that they are still having a positive experience? Many will say horses should just left alone during these blistering cold days, and I agree. Some of our own personal horses