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Our Streamlined Process Makes Hosting a Clinic
Simple & Professional


Schedule your Hosting Call with us. We'll cover clinic structure, dates and pricing.


Use your network and connections to promote and fill the clinic.


We handle the rest including online sign-ups, collecting payments, and organizing the schedule!

Our Clinic Hosts are a key part of our CWH Community and help us share our mission of educating horses and people with a lifetime in mind


Great CWH Clinic Hosts are individuals who are:

Connected with their local equestrian community
Communicate Clearly
Committed to a life of continuous education and learning



No ego, no judgment. What a great clinician. 

“Thank you, thank you! Such a wonderful breathe of fresh air. Still absorbing so much. If you have the opportunity to take a clinic with him please do so. Your horse will thank you. Thank you for making riding feel magical again. Not that it didn’t before but this was something really special. Please come back again! Soon!”


The relationship with my horse completely changed. 

“After a 3 day clinic with Colton, the relationship with my horse completely changed. We have a great partnership and he’ll do about anything I ask of him. I had him on trial at the time, but soon after I purchased him. Thank you, Colton for giving me the best gift…a partnership with Sparta!” 

- Jeri

We both understand how to progress.

“Colton is awesome! Calm, honest and thoughtful! Your horse will feel comfortable and confident in himself with Colton! Has helped me with my horse and makes sure we both understand how to progress. What I appreciate most about Colton for training and in general, is that he’s always trying to learn more and absorb the bigger lesson.”

 - Lauren

I was given the time & respect to all my questions.

“I decided for me this time I would audit only the clinic. How I wished I had brought my horse. I came away with an amazing amount of information. Even though I was just auditing, I was given the time and respect to all my questions. His method of  training made perfect sense to me. I would recommend Colton to anyone that wants to develop an understanding with their horse(‘s).” 

- Heidi

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Schedule a Call

Schedule a Clinic Hosting Call

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Clinic Hosting FAQ

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