Teton Rockin' the Braids...

April 20, 2017

I've been told he prefers the style dreads bring to the table, but I think we've compromised with the braids ;) It's a tough life being Teton!



This is Teton, a 2010 Nokota gelding that is Colton's personal horse. He's quite the individual and has been a blessing of knowledge to us. We look forward to continuing to share our journey together with you. 

Also I might add, I love a horse with a thick mane and tail and boy does Teton have that. Keeping it under control can feel like a full time job, nonetheless making sure each horse's coat is moisturized, healthy and shiny. It wouldn't be possible without a great friend of mine that I'm lucky enough to have partnered with. Trudy Midas, Espana Silk Grooming Products and Colton Woods Horsemanship have partnered to make sure everyone has access to the best ALL NATURAL grooming products on the market. I use and love the Espana products and am thankful for the opportunity to be able to help other folks and their critters experience how great they are. If you're looking to switch things up or need to restock, check out our store online and we can get you squared away! 


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Welcome to the CWH Blog, a direct insight into Colton's journey as he progresses his horsemanship. Colton's goal is to document his experiences as he works towards developing a better feel, timing, balance and understanding with the horse. By sharing first-hand experiences as well as those learned from others along the way, together we all have the opportunity to continually grow and strengthen the relationship we have with our horses and the people in our lives. 

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