Welcoming the Newest CWH Family Member!

February 9, 2017

Every horse has a story. Here is the beginning of a story that will capture your heart.


His spirit is like no other. He is pure. He is strong. He is beautiful. And- He is built to survive. 


 Welcome to the Colton Woods Horsemanship family, Teton.

We look forward to sharing Teton's journey with you, thanks for joining us!



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Welcome to the CWH Blog, a direct insight into Colton's journey as he progresses his horsemanship. Colton's goal is to document his experiences as he works towards developing a better feel, timing, balance and understanding with the horse. By sharing first-hand experiences as well as those learned from others along the way, together we all have the opportunity to continually grow and strengthen the relationship we have with our horses and the people in our lives. 

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