Now you know: this horse has been hand selected by Colton and chosen to join the CWH team. All of these horses have spent several months with us furthering their education in preparation for you! These horses have fantastic pedigrees, are well built, great minded and educated with a lifetime in mind. From performance arena work in the discipline they show the most promise in to trail rides, obstacle courses, working cattle, dragging logs and jumping fences- these horses are truly versatile! Looking for your next equine partner? We’d be happy to help!


Contact us at or (336) 905 9144 and be sure to check out our list of sales horses!



Colton Woods Horsemanship proudly offers consignment services to all of our clients. 100% in house- CWH tackles the responsibility of photographing, videoing and editing for you! In turn you can guarantee a professional Sales Video and advertisements that will be shared here on our website as well as social media and email outlets.


For information regarding having your horse consigned and pricing, contact us at or (336) 905 9144.