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Professional Horseman's School


The #1 School to Build Your Career as a Professional Horseman

 Learn How to Confidently Build and Grow Your Horse Training Business Online and in the Barn



Certified Colt Starting and Problem Solving Specialist Program

Available to all Certified Trainers



Certified Clinician Program

Available to all Certified Trainers and Colt Starting / Problem Solving Specialists

New Classes Starting Every Month

A School for the Modern Horseman 

In today's market, it takes more than time in the saddle to become a successful and profitable horse trainer.

It requires creating and knowing exactly how to implement your 
strategic online presence AND how to achieve high quality results with your horses and for your students. 

Unlike any other program,
The Professional Horseman's School equips students with the knowledge, resources and support to excel as a horseman in today's marketplace. 

Each student will learn how to:

 Successfully build your business using proven online strategies that build your brand, digital presence and authority in the industry

√ Successfully train horses for clients, teach students and achieve unparalleled high-quality results that will separate you from the competition.

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Who is the Professional Horseman’s School for?

First and foremost, students are horsemen and women who are committed to mastering the art of horsemanship and placing the integrity of the horse at the forefront of their work.

Students of the Professional Horseman's School understand that horse trainers do far more than ride horses and teach - they are equestrian entrepreneurs.  The embrace the responsibility of building their business and are dedicated to finding the best resources to propel them towards their dreams. They are action takers with a keen attention to detail and a willingness to buck tradition and try new ideas and approaches to redefine what it means to be a horse trainer. 


Scholarships are available to select applicants. Click the button below to complete your Scholarship Application.


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Upcoming Course Dates

Certified Trainers Program
Limited to 5 Selected Applicants

New Classes Starting Every Month

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