Professional Horseman's School

Redefining What It Means To Be a Horse Trainer

Separate yourself from the competition as a Qualified and Certified Professional Horseman today 

As a graduate, you will be among an elite group of recognized, educated, and respected horsemen and women who have redefined what it means to be a horse trainer. You will have the knowledge and tools to build a successful career doing what you love, without sacrificing your passion for profit.

Who is the Professional Horseman’s School for?

The Professional Horseman's School is for the serious aspiring professionals seeking guidance in building a profitable horse training business. First and foremost, CWH Students are horsemen and women who committed to mastering the art of horsemanship and placing the integrity of the horse at the forefront of their work. They are action takers with a keen attention to detail and a willingness to buck tradition and try new ideas and approaches to redefine what it means to be a horse trainer.

As a Professional Horseman's School Student, You'll Learn...

Horse Training
Every qualified horse trainer must have a thorough process. Each student will immerse themselves, learning and teaching, Colton’s world-class horse training process including: Colt Starting, Problem Solving, Foundation Ground Work and Ridden among others.

Business Management & Marketing
Horses are your passion and now they are how you make a living. Each student will learn the exact processes and systems Colton has utilized to build his training business including finances, marketing, client management and more.

One of the most powerful ways to become a more well-rounded, educated and capable trainer is to be able to coherently articulate your training processes and philosophy. Each candidate within the program will learn how to more effectively teach students so they can better serve their training horse clients and lesson students.

Horse Care
As a true Professional Horseman candidate, you will learn to separate yourself from the competition and optimize your training results through daily care that meets the needs of each horse Mentally, Physically and Emotionally.

Facility Management
From safety to efficiency, it is crucial that every professional understands how to manage their facility with intentionality and purpose. Poor facility management costs trainers thousands of dollars every year and drastically increases liability. Each student will learn what it takes to run a safe, efficient and profitable facility and how to do so.

Accepted applicants are deeply supported by the CWH Team in developing their professional business presence within the marketplace. This will include a website, marketing materials, messaging strategy, client intake processes and more.

How does the program work?

The Professional Horseman's School is an 18-week intensive course that prepares students to launch their business and truly make a living as a respected horseman or woman. Students will progress through the course material through both virtual learning done from their home and in-person modules that are completed at the CWH home facility in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Upon completing the coursework, students are tested on their understanding and application of the CWH Training and Business Systems through an in-person evaluation. Students who excel in the evaluation at an exceptional level will be recognized as a CWH Certified Professional Horseman. 


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Only a select number of students are accepted into the Professional Horseman’s School per session. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served application basis. Accepted applicants will be required to send a deposit to reserve their spot. All money is non-refundable. Absolutely no exceptions.


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Upcoming Course Dates

Winter/Spring 2022
Limited to 4 Selected Applicants
Start Date: January 24, 2022
Graduation Date: May 6, 2022
Cost: $25,000

What Others Have to Say


"I’m fortunate to know Colton and Maredith. I’m blown away by what they have to offer and this program is like no other. Colton Woods Horsemanship embodies what it means to do good business, be good people, and good horsemen and women — consistently. 


If you’re looking to invest in yourself and kickstart your business, take a moment right now and learn about this opportunity."

- Justin Haefner


“Colton understands what it takes to run a successful horse training business: the raw, physical, hands-on side of it, as well as the communications, business marketing and handling customers aspects. He has inspired me to branch away from some of the traditional mentalities of owning and operating a training business, and I can honestly say that I wish I had done so sooner.

It’s inspiring, to say the least, how confidently Colton runs his business, and how patient he is while building its foundation. There seem to be so many young horsemen/women looking to establish their own horse training business with big goals and aspirations to make it in this tough industry. But then they find themselves and their operations stagnant. I’ve found myself feeling in that position many times in my career. Colton has always been a phone call away with new ideas and something to push my business outside of its comfort zone. I’m extremely grateful for the access to his knowledge, experiences, and friendship.”

-Shelby Winsted

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the Professional Horseman's School

The 2022 Winter/Spring Professional Horseman's School begins on January 24, May 6, 2022 and will be completed on May 6, 2022.

Where is the Professional Horsemans' School located?

Students will complete their coursework virtually from their home and in-person at the CWH home facility in Lexington, Kentucky.

What is the course schedule?

Weeks 1-6: Virtual Weeks 7-9: In-Person at the CWH home facilty in Lexington, Kentucky Weeks 10-15: Virtual Weeks 16-18: In-Person at the CWH home facilty in Lexington, Kentucky

How long is the Professional Horseman's School?

The Professional Horseman's School is a 18-weeks.

Do I need to have a horse to particpate in the Professional Horseman's School?

Yes, all students must have at least two horses to train throughout the duration of the 18-week course. • One must be an unstarted colt (has not been started under saddle and is green in their foundation ground work) • One can be green under saddle and on the ground • Must be geldings or mares (no stallions) • Must be sound and have no history of lameness • Must not have been in training previously with CWH Students will be required to submit video of each horse at the beginning of the course to verify the horse's education level.

I do not have horses. Can CWH provide me with horses to use?

No, CWH will not have horses available for students to use during the course. We encourage those who do not have a horse to utilize their resources to lease or borrow horses or purchase them within their means to use during the 18 weeks of instruction. *** On occasion CWH has horses available for sale that are eligible to be in the Professional Horseman's School. Individuals can see all available and eligible horses currently available here ***

What paperwork will my horses need?

All horses need a current Coggins (within the last year) a valid Health Certificate (within the last 30 days), an up-to-date record of vaccinations, and a full medical history record (to the best of the owner's knowledge).

Do I need to bring my own tack or will it be provided for me?

You must bring your own tack. The following is a list of required equipment that you will need: Two rope halters and 14-foot lead ropes Horsemanship flag Dressage whip Lunge whip Saddle (english or western) Saddle pad Girth Breast collar (if applicable) Bridle Smooth snaffle (D-ring, Loose-ring, or Eggbutt) Leg boots or wraps Spurs 60 ft lariat extra soft ranch rope Cotton rope hobbles

Where will my horses be stabled?

Students will be given two 12’x12’ stalls for their horses. Paddock turn out may also be available upon, but is not guarenteed. CWH will provide the following for Participants: Community-use wash racks Community-use hoses for watering and bathing horses Community-use wheelbarrows You’ll need the following items: Shavings for your stalls. There are no restrictions on the type of shavings you use. Pitchfork to clean stalls Feed and supplements for your horse Hay for your horse At least 4 buckets to use to feed and water your horses. (Stalls will not have mangers or waterers.) One bucket should be used for feed and two buckets to provide water for each horse. Straps to hang the buckets in the stalls Hay bag Saddle rack Bridle hooks/rack Grooming tote with brushes and product Lawn chair to use during classroom sessions Blankets/coolers and wraps for your horse

What else do I need to bring for my horse?

You must bring the following common medicines and doctoring agents to be used on your horses if necessary: Corona or other multi-purpose ointment Bottle of Banamine Bottle of SMZ (Sulfamethoxazole) tablets Tube or bottle of Bute (Phenylbutazone)
Thermometer Vet Wrap Nonstick medical pads/bandages 35ml syringes 12ml syringes 16 gauge needles, 1″ long 20 gauge needles, 1 1/2″ long Scissors Electrical tape Athletic tape

Is there an additional fee for board during the in-person weeks?

No, Participants may board their horses for no additional fee, subject to the terms of the Professional Horseman's Scool Agreement and Equine Boarding Agreement. You are solely responsible for the care and welfare of your horses, including feeding and watering your horses as well as cleaning stalls, doctoring, and all necessary action to ensure the safety and welfare of your horses.

How will I be expected to dress during the in-person weeks?

Dress is casual, but professional. All students must wear a collared shirt (sun-shirts are acceptable) along with jeans or breeches and a belt when working with their horses. Wear comfortable boots that have a heel.Outside of the arena, shorts of an appropriate legnth and closed-toed shoes are accpetable. We also recommend bringing a rain jacket and pair of mud boots for when it rains.

Are my family and friends allowed to come to watch me train and work my horses?

Your friends and family are welcome to visit you on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday only) if training sessions are not being held. They are not allowed at the facility during the week or anytime that training sessions are being held. Any visitors who disrupt training or behave in a manner CWH deems inappropriate or unwelcome, are prohibited from being on the property at any time.

At what point is my money non-refundable?

Once we receive your Application and conduct your Interview, CWH will send you an Enrollment Agreement to review and sign. Once CWH receives your signed Enrollement Agreement, you will be sent written confirmation that you have secured participation in the Professional Horseman's School and your money will then be non-refundable. Applicants have 7 days from the date of receipt of the Enrollment Agreement to return the signed document or the slot will be released to the next applicant.

What are the housing options available to me during the in-person weeks?

Participants are required to secure their own housing. RV hookups and/or dry camping are not available at the CWH facility. Lexington, Kentucky offers numerous housing options for guests including Airbnbs, hotels, camping at the Kentucky Horse Park, short-term residential leases, etc.

Will food be provided and will there be a place to prepare food?

Food will not be provided. There is an area to prepare your food that incudes a microwave and refrigerator. Your best option is to pack your lunch or plan to run into town or to the place you’re staying to grab something to eat. Be sure to bring plenty of water to drink throughout the day so that you stay hydrated.

What is required to graduate and become certified as a Professional Horseman?

Students must complete all 18 weeks of course instruction and particpate in the final evaluation exam. The evaluation exam tests students on their understanding and application of business management, horse and facilty care, teaching, and hands-on horse training. This exam is conducted in two sections, written and hands-on. Professional Horseman accredidation will be given to all students who receive a B+ or higher on their evaluation exam. This recognition is not, however, guaranteed. Not everyone who participates in the the Professional Horseman's School successfully graduates with the accredidation.

Do you offer a tuition payment plan or financing options?

Yes. In house payment plan option- 4 payments at 25%: $6250 each 1) Deposit due upon acceptance: 25% 2) Before week 1: 25% 3) End of week 4: 25% 4) End of week 8: 25% For those seeking additional financing, we encourage potential students to explore all available credit and loan options at their diposal.

How much is tution to attend the Professional Horseman's School?

Tuition is $25,000

How do I pay my tuition?

Students are able to pay their tution via cash, cashiers check or wire transfer.

Payments made via credit card or through online payment services will be accepted and are subject to additional processing fees (approximately 4%).