Video Coaching is a fantastic way to continue receiving professional guidance while working towards your goals and continually refining your skillset. Our Virtual Students LOVE the ability to rewind and have in time feedback while being able to watch and see what Colton is discussing throughout the lesson. The focus of the lesson is completely up to you. Along with your Video Lesson feedback, Colton also helps each student create a plan for progress moving forward so you and your horse can keep progressing towards your goals.

When it comes to videoing, you do not have to have a professional camera set up. We just simply encourage folks to take into consideration lighting, distance and camera focus to be sure Colton will be able to see clearly enough what is going on so you he can give the most valuable feedback and instruction possible. Some students will submit videos as short as just a few minutes while others will be closer to 10 minutes. So how long should your video be? We encourage students to do their best to capture what they are seeking help with, within about 10 minutes. Most importantly though we want to be able to see where you're looking for help so we can do just that. And that brings up a good point- you do not need to edit your video before submitting. 

Videos can be submitted via Youtube (published as 'Unlisted'), Vimeo, Dropbox or GoogleDrive. 
Disclaimer: Both the question and response will be posted on our online video site. We have had feedback that people really want to see the problem that the owner is working through along with the instruction provided by Colton. By purchasing this Video Lesson, you are agreeing that Colton Woods Horsemanship LLC may use the footage however and whenever CWH LLC chooses.


Video Coaching