• Colton Woods

Welcome to your Portal! Beau Update 9/18 (click to read)

This last week was really versatile for Beau and he made really great progress in his confidence & relaxation both on the ground and under saddle! Started the week with more of a physical workout focusing on strength & stamina as mentally he was a bit unsettled (nothing to be concerned about, just kind of fresh as the weather cools down). By starting the week this way he really settled and made great strides of progress by the end of the week. We’ve taken his ground work outside into the larger open fields while working on our confidence building exercises (for example- swinging the whip over & around him while he’s moving) and he did super super well! This part is essential so (fingers crossed) hopefully he’ll be confident and steady enough for y’all to go do the hunter paces and all sorts of rides out and about. Funny note- I worked him from atop of one of the picnic tables and he tried to stand on the picnic table thinking it was the mark 🤦‍♂️ 😂

On his right side (the side he was hesitant on when y’all were here) he’s become very relaxed and confident when working him from the mounting block. I’ve been all over him bare back from both sides & this week really honed in on the mounting from the left side, the ‘normal side’ with the saddle on. With the saddle on he gets a little more wary in anticipation however taking it step by step has started to unlock his mind and get him relaxing like you both saw when we worked him from the block together. We’ve had several more good rides & at this point I don’t believe it’s really the riding part that he struggles with as much as it is the mounting part. Mounting is of course an extremely vulnerable position for anyone to be in as they swing a leg over so I’m really investing our session in various versatile ways building his confidence in being mounted from that left side. My big goal is getting him extremely solid to where anyone could swing a leg over and he be as cool 😎 and relaxed as ever. No doubt that’s a big task but he’s made incredible progress and we’re well on our way. This next week Maredith and I will coordinate some time to where she can get some video for y’all.