• Colton Woods

Update: Body Control, Willingness & Headed out of the Arena

This last week River continued to progress nicely each day. Our main focus is on:

- Mental Willingness

- Emotional Regulation (maintaining a steady easy going nature throughout the session)

- Steering & Body Control.

As with any young horse oftentimes they look for a physical place as the resting place. This can most commonly be in the direction of their stall or field. So as part of any solid foundation, I'm working with him on finding that the place of rest and presence is with the rider and not so much a physical destination. This philosophy, understanding and approach can prevent and deter habits such as barn/buddy sourness as well as increase the horse's mental presence with the rider so they can learn they can find peace wherever they go in life.

We venture out and around the farm this week on two occasions, Wednesday and Friday. He enjoyed getting out of the arena, stayed relatively relaxed while taking in all the scenery. Naturally he is not a spooky horse, he's quite confident. The biggest piece is developing a deeper mental willingness to accept direction and guidance from his rider. This will come with a deeper emotional regulation as well which can be fostered through training and natural maturity.

See you next week.