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  • Colton Woods

The Heart of Horsemanship Podcast: Past, Present, Future

Horsemanship is not merely a way to train a horse; it is everything we do with our horses and in our lives. In life and in horsemanship we must have a solid foundation where trust, respect, communication, passion, understanding, love, self-awareness and much more are the building blocks. Whether you know the past or not, being present in that moment is what matters then. However, having the opportunity to learn of the past can certainly propel our own understanding, connection and education. Today you’re going to get a deep dive into the journey, past, present and future, of your host, myself, Colton Woods as the foundation gets laid for The Heart of Horsemanship podcast.

Every week you will have the option to listen to the Heart of Horsemanship Podcast wherever you are, read about the episode on our blog or even watch & listen to the episode on our YouTube Channel! Our goal is to make consuming valuable content as easy as possible for you wherever you are. So lets dive in.

Today my wife and I run one of the most sought after horsemanship programs in the country founded on a mission to ‘Educate Horses and People with a Lifetime in Mind’. Colton Woods Horsemanship brings this mission to life through our world-class boutique horse training program, world-renowned horsemanship clinics, lectures and continuously growing online educational content.

However, this all seems like a fantasy considering I never grew up around horses. It was not until the age of 16 that I ever got involved with horses to any magnitude. In fact I grew up on a golf course with parents who made their living in the realms of international business. A far, far cry from horses to say the least. Not to mention we spent two years living in Mainland China when I was 12-14 years old. Pretty awesome experience to say the least. Basketball, football, golf, tennis, lacrosse… Yep those were the childhood activities I was accustomed to though. Horses were no-where to be seen.

Although, I must mention… There is a story from when I was a week old where his mom helped my Papaw pull a calf at birth and as history has it, I may have got bit by a bug or had some dirt kicked on me from outside the corral that rooted a passion for the land and animals deep down inside.