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The Equestrian Podcast: Key Elements of Intentional Training

Thank you to Bethany Lee, host of The Equestrian Podcast, for having me on for a great discussion about the importance of being intentional in your horsemanship (and everything in life).

We really dig deep discussing personal development as well as tactical everyday applications on how to approach tight/tense horses and horses that spook and much more!

It was a real pleasure to chat with Bethany and I sure look forward to doing it again sometime!

The Equestrian Podcast started as a way to showcase top athletes, trainers, show grooms, course designers and other professionals in the equestrian industry as a whole. Each week Bethany and her guests highlight topics of the industry that they are uniquely passionate about to shed some positive light on those areas. To hear more episodes of the podcast, check them out on her website, Apple, or Spotify!


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