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Springen Eq Podcast: Equestrian Entrepreneurship

A huge thank you to Jess Einwechter for having me and my wife, Maredith, on the Springen Eq Podcast! We had a great conversation diving into what it takes to become a successful equestrian entrepreneur!

Running a full fledged program together out of Kentucky, online businesses and Maredith's custom brand design keeps us extremely busy, and we enjoyed covering so many topics including the ins and outs of running a training business and also how we've gotten our footing in a competitive industry. Expect all things horses, but also the importance of lifestyle - how do we integrate positive and productive habits into our lives that not only translate in our relationships with horses but also our every day? Ask why. Get into the guts of who you are as a brand. Learn how we are following out passions to educate horses and people with a lifetime in mind.

You can catch the full podcast episode on Jess's website, Apple, and Spotify!

Jess is a professional rider and coach interested in connecting entrepreneurs with all kinds of businesses in the industry. Her podcast is not only meant to bring you thoughts and tips on navigating the horse world, but also challenges as a rider and being a young professional in a competitive environment.


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