• Colton Woods

Welcome to your Portal! River's Latest Update 9/18 (click to read)

Finally back to work 🎉🎊! River has had a great great week! I was really happy with how he came back into work after time off. Right before he got sick he was in the best mental state he had been since he got here in terms of willingness, relaxation, understanding, confidence. As I brought him back into work it was evident that time off didn’t set him back and may have even given him some time to settle a bit more. There were a few things we had to really touch up on such as engaging through the hind end so he could relax in his diaphragm. This piece has been crucial and a focus point from the beginning in helping him not get so tight through the back and ultimately buck when saddled. Having had the initial saddling experience that he did prior to coming to us, there has been a big hole to help him work through and ‘fix’ because that experience left quite the impression on him. By weeks end I had 3 rides on him that took place both in the round pen (W/T/C) and in the arena (W/T). He even got to explore a little obstacle course during his extra training session on Saturday. These rides have been so so nice. Relaxed & confident. My focus initially on these rides is getting them comfortable with them moving about as requested with me on them and then starting in on the steering. So at this point we are starting in on the steering and will be working to develop his understanding of the basic body control concepts. Throughout my time working with him I’ve found he responds best keeping things very black and white. With clear, consistent communication and direction he thrives. Ive shared some photos and videos from this last week. This next week Maredith and I will coordinate some time into both of our schedules where she can get some video of me riding him so you can see him working from that angle :)

First Ride back and Bath Time!

First Ride back

Arena Ride!

Playing in the puddles on the way to being turned out with his buddies