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  • Colton Woods

Prepare Them Before You Have to Protect Them

The key for positive, enjoyable experiences with your horse

The best way to make sure us and our horses have the best experiences possible is to be PREPARED.

What that means is we want to be so prepared that we don’t have to enter protection mode.

That means developing our horses Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually by building strong associations to how we want them to THINK through situations, building a strong connection & relationship with them so they check in with us (the herd leader) before reacting as well as providing them with experiences to build their confidence, skills, understanding and more.

To protect our horse is to be defensive and when working with prey animals, this state of defensiveness can raise tension, concern, anxiety and fear to name a few.

To be a great leader we must embrace a progressive approach of preparation. And this approach is relevant across all disciplines and activities with our horses.