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Naturally Calm, Horse Illustrated June 2020

Just about every one of us at some point along our journey has experienced what it’s like when our horse either has an excessive amount of energy or in some cases, concern, due to a new environment, different stimuli or whatever the trigger may be.

Understanding how we can channel that concern or energy into focus and therefore relaxation can fundamentally change the experiences our horses and us could have together. There are times when we are in the midst of a situation such as a horse show when we got to do what we got to do to get the job done. Then there is the vast majority of the time when we can be preparing our horses for how to handle new situations which may bring rise to various emotions- excitement included.

Im very thankful to Chad Mendell for the referral and to Megan Arszman for the opportunity to provide insight into this article which can be found in the June 2020 Horse Illustrated magazine! Be sure to pick up your copy as there’s so many great pieces of knowledge from many experts in the equine field shared in this month’s issue!

Very much looking forward to collaborating with Megan and the Horse Illustrated team for future articles!


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