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Dreams Aren’t Cheap

When we hear something is cheap or expensive our first thought goes to money.

But what comes to mind if someone said, “That dream is going to cost you”?

What will that dream cost?

You see oftentimes our dreams are limited based on our won experiences, exposure and personal creativity.

The fact of the matter is dreams cost a lot more than money.

Dreams are built on our willingness to invest a portion of our lives to bringing them to life. We must invest our most valuable asset which none of us know how much we have left: our time.

When we spend time pursuing this vision, this dream we have; we must realize the sacrifices we are making in the process.

Time spent building a dream is an investment with no guaranteed outcome. The time we have spent is time that we can never recapture. You will miss the time with friends and family, memories made that can never be remade.

It is an expensive price to pay to pursue a dream. Many of us never know how much it will truly cost us.

But I can share from personal experience that the more committed to your dream you are, the more it is going to cost you.

There will be times of wondering, “Is it worth it?” And in those moments we must take a step back, take a deep breath, center ourselves, look at the facts and make a plan forward.

You see this dream I speak of is the lifelong quest we are on.

It is not necessarily just the jobs we will have products we will sell, places that we will live and companies we will start. Those are all the supporting, building block pieces to the bigger vision and dream we are pursuing.

There is no doubt dreams are not cheap. To some it may seem daunting when we start to grasp how much they will cost us, but we haven’t even spoke of the return on our investment.

That’s right.

The lives you could change in your family for generations to come and around the world. The never dreamed of experiences, friendships, lessons learned and lifelong memories that will be created.

When pursuing our dreams the cost is tremendous. Yet all the while we are building compound interest.

We start in on this journey not knowing the cost. But, even more so, never fathoming, the magnitude of how much our efforts and investments could even serve us.

Our dreams and visions come from deep within. Serving those that are as connected as our own kin.

I’m on this journey pursuing my own dream, helping horses and humans connect as one team.

There is nothing I want more than to impact the lives, of horses and humans from all different tribes.

The elements we must curate to serve the relationship with our horses, will also guide us through life’s varying courses.

So as you step into this next week, don’t be afraid to make a few tweaks.

For our dreams certainly don’t come cheap.

👉🏻This is an excerpt from our Heart of Horsemanship Podcast Monday Morning Motivation Series. Click here to listen now on Apple and Android devices as well as Spotify!

📸: MDD- in Lisbon, Portugal January 2020 while riding with Valencia Classical Riding


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