• Colton Woods

Deeper Relaxation and Engagement

This last week a big focus in Veltin's sessions has been finding a deeper relaxation through the leg yield particularly on his right side therefore allowing for more engagement through the body.

He is continuing to get stronger and is bit by bit coming to work with a bit a steadier, working mindset. As he continues to get stronger mentally and physically, I am asking a little more of him, primarily on the mental side preparing him for situations in life that carry pressure. From time to time he has a 'moment' and then grounds himself. With him being so athletic those moments can seem exaggerated yet my main focus is on his mindset- how far he may check out and how soon he comes back. All of that continues to improve greatly!

With the next month in front of us, we'll find several opportunities to get him off property and will touch base with you about those after this weekend!