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  • Colton Woods

Q&A: Rein Connection~ A Worthy Pursuit

When one person asks, many are wondering! Here is a great Q&A focusing on the getting connected to the horse's feet. More specific, earning the connection that comes with working to connect the rein to the horse's feet. Mentally that is. Below you'll find a detailed breakdown on the importance of understanding the horse's locomotion, exercises to help establish this connection and other important take home points throughout the answer!

This question was posted by our friend Byron, in our other friend's horsemanship group- Patrick King Horsemanship, Classic Principals for Modern Riders. Byron posed his question to Patrick and I as he rode with both of us in our annual Principals of Ranch Horsemanship and Cow Working clinic in 2017.

Question from Byron:

I am having trouble getting something to click that I was working on- have control of the front feet using our reins. My understanding is that we should be able to have the horse pick up either of the front feet by changing the balance and weight of the horse then lift and guide a rein to direct the chosen foot. It is iffy at best for me in the saddle, but I was trying to do this from the ground and was really struggling even getting my head around the process.