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Quick Tip: Treating Dew Poisoning/Scratches

Part of the Horseman's Journey Vlog series is bringing you and your horses as much valuable information as we can. Here is a few quick tips on treating, caring for and preventing dew poisoning/scratches.

Extra Tips and Advice from GROOMING EXPERT, Trudy Midas of Espana Silk International! **Clipping the back legs- be sure you tie that tail up! Don't want to have to explain to your wife or client how their horses tail got clipped off! **Fly Spray- use it! It can take a few minutes to get all 4 clipped and some horses may be a bit wiggly. When the flies are out help your horse a bit and use the fly spray! Summary- -Keep those legs dry -Keep their legs clipped so the fungus does not have anything to cling on to -Regularly apply your anti-fungal/antibacterial medication in conjunction with your Espana Silk Grooming Products Topical Spray.


"All Natural Antiseptic Healing Shampoo as a healing base by letting the eucalyptus soak in for at least 5 minutes to work it's "magic" in the affected area and then rinse out to build a good foundation in conjunction with EspanaSilk's Antiseptic Topical "Miracle" Spray which is beneficial to help rid scratches and many other skin issues like rain rot, sweet/girth itch, any skin irritation, sensitive skin needs, hair loss, hot spots, flee/tick repellant, anti-inflammatory/anti-itch for inner ears infections, hives, bug bites, etc.... removes fungus/mold/mildew on skin, hair & blankets/material. You can't overuse EspanaSilk's Topical Spray and for optimal results after bathing the affected area let the hair dry mostly and then spray the Topical Spray on affected area so that it's reaching the skin area and not just sitting on the hair. Use Topical Spray daily AND as often as you are able to on the Scratches area to bring more healing to the affected area asap. Once scratches are healed and Since scratches are supsceptible to reoccur it's highly recommended to use EspanaSilk's Topical Spray as a preventative​ on the needed area so that future scratches outbreaks do not come back. You can find EspanaSilks entire Healing line & Regular line of premium quality All Natural Products conveniently with our awesome EspanaSilk Corporate Representative and awesome Horse Trainer, Colton Woods, Colton Woods Horsemanship . Thank You!"

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