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  • Colton Woods

Quick Tip: Treating Dew Poisoning/Scratches

Part of the Horseman's Journey Vlog series is bringing you and your horses as much valuable information as we can. Here is a few quick tips on treating, caring for and preventing dew poisoning/scratches.

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Extra Tips and Advice from GROOMING EXPERT, Trudy Midas of Espana Silk International! **Clipping the back legs- be sure you tie that tail up! Don't want to have to explain to your wife or client how their horses tail got clipped off! **Fly Spray- use it! It can take a few minutes to get all 4 clipped and some horses may be a bit wiggly. When the flies are out help your horse a bit and use the fly spray! Summary- -Keep those legs dry -Keep their legs clipped so the fungus does not have anything to cling on to -Regularly apply your anti-fungal/antibacterial medication in conjunction with your Espana Silk Grooming Products Topical Spray.


"All Natural Antiseptic Healing Shampoo as a healing base by letting the eucalyptus soak in for at least 5 minutes to work it's "magic" in the affected area and then rinse out to build a good foundation in conjunction with EspanaSilk's Antiseptic Topical "Miracle" Spray which is beneficial to help rid scratches and many other skin issues like rain rot, sweet/girth itch, any skin irritation, sensitive skin needs, hair loss, hot spots, flee/tick repellant, anti-inflammatory/anti-itch for inner ears