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  • Colton Woods

Behind the Brand: Meaning, Purpose, Foundation

It is no small feat to capture the passion, principals, mission, romance and eye appeal by the initial visionary's standards within a digital graphic.

Cowboys and horsemen are already particular in how they go about their daily routine and work with their stock, nonetheless when analyzing a graphic that will be a big part of the public image of their outfit. Having spent many hours looking at different ideas, brainstorming my own, critiquing the posture of a certain horse's head, the angle at which its eye sat and so on, I had settled for logos along the way but none of them had fully encompassed what I wanted them to capture. One day when sitting down with Maredith Davis Design, the pieces started to come together and build the foundation for the 'brand' we have today.

During my time in grade school, I had the opportunity to live overseas in mainland China. Over the course of two years I learned the language, made friends I still keep in touch with today and memories I regularly reflect on. This led me to find the Chinese characters for the word, "Foundation" as I had a feeling the 'foundation' of this character would be something I could incorporate. Sure enough.



The base of 'Jī' was the just what I as hoping for. A strong three tier base creating a sturdy foundation.

The element of have 3 tiers was extremely important to me, as the horsemanship I ha