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is in the


take a closer look into the principles that fuel

Colton Woods Horsemanship


we keep it



real & positive.

We enjoy what we do and believe that there is always something to learn in every situation. We’re honest with our customers, our audience, our horses and each other. Judgmental, narcissistic, or mean-spirited behaviors are not tolerated, in our community, as customers,  or as part of our team. We believe this journey should be fun and we do everything that we can do preserve that. 

we seek the balance

between technical skills and
the art of horsemanship

We are on a journey to passionately pursue our greatest potential possible. We believe that our greatest limitation is our own creativity. This is our craft, our art and we’re dedicated, invested, and passionate about it to the highest degree.  




In everything we do, we give it a 120% and then some. It is how we are wired and what we know to be necessary. It is our obligation to not only meet, but exceed all expectations for you, ourselves and each other.


the why

means everything 

Sharing our knowledge and experience with intentionality and purpose is a deep part of who we are. It is a journey that starts with the desire to be more for you and your horse. To be more we must know more and to know more we must never stop asking, why. 

we're not for EVERYONE


Our sense of optimism is unstoppable and our dedication is unparalleled. We’re straight-shooting and expect the best out of ourselves and others. We take a strong stand for doing what is best for the horse first and the human second. 


legacy and impact

is what we are playing for

Our greatest mission is to leave a lasting legacy of positive impact on the lives of horses and people all across the globe. Whether through an in-person event, online video or course, on the phone, or on social media, our top priority is to provide you with valuable content that helps you and your horse take your next step on your horsemanship journey.


we sell things.

This is how we fund all the free content we put out on a daily basis! From the Heart of Horsemanship Podcast to online instructional videos to all of our social media posts driving value into the lives of our followers, all of that is funded by our products and events. 



That is how 99%
of what you get

stays free

We are relentlessly committed to bringing you the best free educational content possible! That is why nearly all our content is given to you for free. So with that being said, don’t get up-tight when we market our products and events that enable us to feed our families, give back to the community and continue providing you with the vast majority of our educational and creative content for free. 


we're not afraid to

dream bigger

At some point between childhood and adulthood we begin to hear that our dreams are silly and we need to ‘settle down’. We know your dreams are what fuel your soul. The impact of acting on your dreams will be tremendous and much greater than just yourself.  

we are fueled by


To us, horsemanship, is everything we do with our horses and in our own lives. We believe you cannot pour from an empty cup and therefore it all starts with you. Our results are built on plans and actions with long term success in mind. It is a lifestyle we have embraced and a journey we are on together.

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