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Have the  best  horse experience possible!

Learn exactly what it takes to
build a relationship with your horse
where together you share that special connection and eliminate the frustrations
of miscommunication and misunderstanding!

Be a Leader Worth Following Colton Woods Horsemanship

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What Others Are Saying:

"Colton is a very gifted teacher of both horses and their humans, and he was instrumental in equipping me with physical and mental tools to help Chip refocus when things get a little hairy. We've made a lot of progress since then, and I couldn't be more pleased and grateful!!!"



"Colton has helped me with my horse and makes sure we both understand how to progress. What I appreciate most about Colton for training, and in general, is that he's always trying to learn more and absorb the bigger lesson."



"So often when working with our horses we can get caught up in our emotions and frustrations, which isn't helpful to any situation. Colton shares a refreshing no-nonsense, clear headed way of approaching and assisting our horses, showing us how to work 'with' them, not 'on' them."



Great! Send me the FREE E-Book!

What you will get when you claim your FREE E-Book:

5 Guiding Principles to Horsemanship



5 Guiding Principles to Lifemanship


5 Proven Exercises (with step-by-Step guidance) you can implement today! 



5 In-Depth Training Videos to transform your ability to Communicate with your horse

Great! Send me the FREE E-Book!

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