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Hosting a Colton Woods Horsemanship clinic is a fantastic way to get integrated with the local horse community! By hosting and promoting, people will learn more about what is happening at your facility, what you have to offer and of course who you are! Colton Woods Horsemanship offers a variety of services for our hosts: Clinics, Lessons, Demonstrations, Lectures & Digital Coaching. Each clinic is specially catered to the wants and needs for each horse and participant. 


As a participant of a Colton Woods Horsemanship clinic, you are not just joining a group of other horse enthusiasts for a single weekend. You are now part of an elite family that shares the love for the horse and the journey of further developing our horsemanship along with likeminded friends. Our family and community extends across the globe and is blessed with so many caring, talented and fun individuals. Our clinics are truly an experience you will not forget and we cannot wait to have you join us!