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Welcome to the CWH Blog, a direct insight into Colton's journey as he progresses his horsemanship. Colton's goal is to document his experiences as he works towards developing a better feel, timing, balance and understanding with the horse. By sharing first-hand experiences as well as those learned from others along the way, together we all have the opportunity to continually grow and strengthen the relationship we have with our horses and the people in our lives. 


Makeover to Made-Over, Reflections on a Wild Ride

Not a single word, phrase, title or even paragraph can capture the magnitude to which a Extreme Mustang Makeover event has both on the people and horses connected. It’s truly a makeover for so many reasons but oftentimes we relate that to just the horse. However, many of us in the trainer position also experience a makeover of our own in the process. Before I try to capture my journey during the last 120 days with Reina during our Kentucky EMM experience, first of all I have to say, Thank You. Thank you to my wife Maredith, to my parents, to my in laws, Joan Wilcoxen, to my brother and his girlfriend, to my friend Justin Haefner, to Erin, to Alaina Alderman, to Liz Sawicki, to Jeff, to Queen

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