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Colton is an evolving horseman who is dedicated to teaching his students a progressive horsemanship approach built on practical application and understanding of the horse on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. To Colton, horsemanship is not just a way to train a horse, but it is everything we do with our horses and in our own lives. Colton and his wife, Maredith, own and operate Colton Woods Horsemanship based in Decatur, TX. They serve the their clients through their online educational opportunities, the Heart of Horsemanship Podcast, teaching clinics around the United States, training horses and teaching lessons.

His own horse journey started in equine rescue where he saw the drastic need for horse's to have a strong foundation and the adverse results for those who had not received that education. He pursued his own education building the skills to teach horses fundamental ground work and under saddle skills which has led him today to be one of the most sought after young horse development specialists on the East Coast.












While Colton's personal horses are more along the lines of Western Dressage, Reined Cow and Ranch Reining horses, much of his time is spent developing Hunter, Jumper and Dressage horses, as well as coaching riders in each of those respective disciplines. Colton has a deep passion for bringing together the similarities and uniqueness which both Dressage and the Vaquero Bridle Horse traditions have to offer. He is continually pushing himself personally and professionally to develop his own understandings, insights, and skillsets to help better serve the horses and humans that he is blessed to work with. Whether he’s working a green colt or coaching a seasoned professional, Colton's dynamic, introspective, holistic, and consistently evolving approach to horse and human education is sure to leave you inspired, more knowledgeable and wanting more.

"My greatest desire is to help as many people and horses as possible. Certain avenues have tremendous potential for impact, while others are limited. Yet at the center of it all, if I can truly change one life, it'd all be worth it."



Colton forms Colton Woods Horsemanship

Moves to Lexington, Kentucky to study Equine Science and Management and Agricultural Economics at the University of Kentucky.


2013 Legacy of Legends Scholarship Recipient. Mentor Kip Fladland

Recognized as the Equine Science and Management Intern of the Year


Assistant for Wildcard Competitor, James Cooler, at the 2014 & 2015 Road to the Horse


Assistant trainer for Double Dan Horsemanship USA


CWH opens to riding horses for the public, clinics and lessons


RESERVE CHAMPION, 2018 Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover with Sweet Caroline

CHAMPION, 2018 Rumble on the Ranch Invitational Colt Starting


TOP 10 FINISH, 2019 Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover with Reina


Colton travels to Portugal to ride at Valenca Classical Riding, owned by Luis Valença. Mestre Luis is widely regarded as the greatest living practitioner of Classical dressage currently alive in the world today.


RESERVE CHAMPION, 2021 Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover with Grit n' Grace

CHAMPION, 2021 Kentuckiana Ranch Horse Invitational Colt Starting

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